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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sesame Place Here We Come!

I got to hand it to my husband, because he is just AWESOME! Yesterday I got a phone call from my sister who happens to be at Sesame Place. She was telling me about the great time they were having and that this theme park is really fun for our kids age (our kids are almost two). I have been wanting to go for a while, even before she mentioned her trip a while back. I was glad she was having a great time, but I was jealous. Not that I didn't want her to have a good time. I wanted to be there too with my beautiful family and having a good time as well. At the end of the call, my sister mentioned that if we are going to come up (she knew were thinking of going) then to come up sooner then later before school lets out and the park gets busy. She talked about how there weren't really any lines and that the park was almost empty. So upon hanging up with my sister after our call was over, I told my husband about my sister's advice. He listened nicely and I thought nothing more of that. I had no idea when we would go. I just wanted to share the advice.

So today, while I am working away at my job, I get an email from my husband. It turns out that my wonderful husband booked a two night stay at a hotel and bought tickets to Sesame Place! I nearly choked on the soda I was drinking while reading the message. I was so surprised! I wasn't begging to go or anything, but he knew that I wanted to go. I love great surprises! I have the best husband in the world.

I will post probably on Monday about the trip and a nice review on Sesame Place. I am just ecstatic! I can't wait to go!

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