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Monday, June 1, 2009

Sesame Place Review

I had one of the best times with my husband and son over the weekend after my husband surprised us with a trip to Sesame Place in Philly! I promised a review, so here it is.

Sesame Place is certainly a place to bring your kids to. My son will be two this July and was at a pretty good age to go. There were plenty of rides to go on like the Elmo ride (resembles the Dumbo ride in Disney), a balloon ride, teacup ride, etc., There is also an area (for kids five and younger) to play, which was under the shade (I was grateful for that). It basically is a very bouncy gym mat with lots of shapes to play with. It is a hot spot, but the area is so large it doesn't seem that full. The nice thing is it is gated, so there is one way in and out, so there is no chance your kid will make a dash for it. I also loved in this area that they had stadium seating around the play area so parents could take a break and let their kids run.

There were also a lot of fantastic shows. We went to the Elmo's World show,which we had to leave because my son was WAY overdue for a nap. It was cute and for any Elmo fan it is the show to go to! The set is exacting to what you see on the Elmo's World set you see on the T.V. Even Mr. Noodle made an appearance! My sister went to two shows and highly recommends the show we went to and the Big Bird Beach Show.

There is also a parade twice during the day (both at 4pm and 7pm). All the Sesame Street characters that you could possibly think of comes out and really interacts with the kids on the parade route. If you want your child to be apart of the parade, you can also opt for that by going to one of the retail stores by the carousel. I can't remember exactly what the store is called but it is right next to the diner and ice cream place.

Also at this store (sorry the name slips my mind) had some really great merchandise. IF you want to buy a stuffed animal character, then this is the store to go to. Plushies usually cost around $21, BUT my son found a plushie he liked that was larger and happened to be a puppet that was $15. The puppets that they had for that price was Elmo, Grover and Zoey.

Sesame Place also has a great water park area that is attached to the dry ride area, which is both good and bad. It was a little cold to go in the water, so my son did not participate. However, they had a lot of great toddler areas to go and play with shallow water. I think the water was maybe a foot deep? They also had a lot of great water slides, which my husband went on. He told me that they were pretty awesome and highly recommends it as well.

I will also have to say that there are LOTS of other things to do in the area other than Sesame Place. You can go into downtown Philly, which is 30 minutes from Sesame Place and visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and the Please Touch Museum. Pat's and Geno's are open 24/7 and you must have a Philly cheese steak if you visit Philly, although my husband says that Tony's Pizza in Fair Lakes has a much better cheese steak. If you are a sports fan the Eagles Stadium, Flyers Stadium and Phillies Stadium are all right next to each other. I also heard that the Philadelphia Zoo is a really great place to go as well.

In summary, we will be back to Sesame Place. It is a really great and child friendly place to go to and that your child can grow into. There were rides for all ages from toddler to older kids. It really is a great family vacation spot.


joyce said...

I just happened to come across your blog/ your opinion, is this place worth a 10+ hour drive? Contemplating taking my daughter there for her 2 year birthday.

NOVAParenting said...

Dear Joyce,

A ten hour drive is a heck of a drive to take your kid for just Sesame Place. It is an amazing park but it is not that big. If you were to plan a trip, I would say plan a trip to Philadelphia and see the sights that they have to offer. Sesame Place is just thirty minutes away from downtown Philadelphia where you can see the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Benjamin Franklin's house, etc., They also have from what I heard an amazing zoo with trains, etc.,. My sister told the Please Touch Museum is also a fantastic place to go as well. I would also recommend stopping by and getting the coveted Philly Cheesesteak. Pat's and Geno's are two rival restaurants across the street from each other and are literally opened 24/7. If you do decide to go to Sesame Place, you may want to consider a breakfast/lunch/dinner with Sesame friends where you can sit down with Bert, Elmo and Big Bird.

If you live further South, I know that Busch Gardens in Williamsburg opened up a Sesame themed section to their park as well. The park is really beautiful and is in a historic area so there are many sights to see while you are there. I haven't been to the Sesame section yet to critique it, but I heard it was nice as well.

I hope this helps!