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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Love It When

I decided (since I was in a sour mood yesterday) to write something on a more positive note today. Obviously yesterday's post did not show my mood, so some readers are probably like huh? I am just tired of hearing about the recession, who is to blame, what our country is going to, etc., so here is my little nice things to write about.

I love it when....

...the skys are Carolina blue.

...when guys who look good in hats wears hats (my man).

...and also when they don't.

...days go by where there are no temper tantrums or fussiness by my almost two year old. son goes to bed at a decent hour (thankfully that happens most days). husband surprises me with cool things like vacations, cleaning up the house or fixing something for me or the house. gas tank is full the beginning of the work week. hair decides to play "nice". husband cooks me a delicious meal (thank you for that hun). husband does not care that I plan weekends and just goes along with it,which he does every weekend. sons surprises me with kisses and hugs that I didn't expect. son learns something new right in front of me. son shares his FAVORITE toys with either me or his Dad. friends call me to come over with my circus. Mom hands me "mail" from the old house but surprises me with things for me or my son.

...I find something cute and new for either of my men.

...holidays and vacations are spent with family or friends. man writes the first email of the day while I am at work and wondering how I am doing. man acts very silly and when he acts very serious.

... my husband is thinking about his family and what he can do to make us happy (which is something he does on a daily basis). sister calls me everyday to say hi or see what is new. nephew calls me and says something cute (teacups or dal-gone).

...I have the energy to clean the house (including bathrooms).

...I can actually work a full week without being called out due to sickness on my part or for my son.

...I can put a full pay check towards paying down debt. husband pays simple but meaningful compliments to me.

...I see people are courteous to me, my family or even a stranger. Mom still calls me cute names because it always makes me smile.

...I hear a new story about my family like Great Grandfathers, etc.,

...I learn something new about my husband's family.

...I see my husband having fun like a kid again.

...I can eat my dinner all to myself. husband and I have some of those great conversations. husband comes over just to give me a kiss or a hug or maybe just to flirt.

Finally I love it when people are decent to each other. When you don't have to remember manners, but can act comfortable around family or friends. When the little things don't matter and when people see the big picture. I love my guys so much and feel blessed that God gave me such two wonderful people to be apart of my everyday life.

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