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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Little One

Today one of my best friends is giving birth to her second child, a girl. As any Mom can attest, once you come toward the end of your pregnancy most of us just want to be done being pregnant and finally meet their new little miracle, which my friend has been looking forward to for weeks. God bless her because she is three days past due.

I always marvel at the miracles of new births, especially with friends and family. I take so much joy in meeting each new little one (often with tears in my eyes) and wonder what these little people will be like? Will they be like their Mom? Their sister? Brother? Grandparents? What will this little person do someday? Be an awesome Mom/Dad? Discover a cure for a disease? Become a defender of their faith?

I know all too much that newborns grow too quickly. I look at my son and just wonder where the time has gone? He is only two (thank god he isn't eighteen yet), but I just wonder where did the two years go? It seems like yesterday I was rocking him in the wee hours of the morning feeding him a bottle and worrying about when he was going to roll over, crawl or walk. My son is emerging from being a baby to becoming a kid. He obviously still needs lots of attention from Mom and Dad, but he can point to what snack he wants, pick the toy he wants to play with and bring you his favorite story to read. Often I feel like the Mother from I Love You Forever, because there are days/nights where I pick up my sleeping son and hold him because he no longer wants to fall asleep in my arms. Babies grow so quickly. As much as I miss my baby being a little baby, I love watching him discover new things and witness this little being, my miracle grow and grow and grow.

I know I will partake in witnessing this little girl grow, which is just amazing. I can not wait to meet this new little bundle today, a true miracle gifted from God. I can not wait to hug and congratulate my beautiful friend as she looks onto her family and friends with that new proud Mama look (most of us know those beautiful expressions). There is a new being that is entering this world today. There is nothing more beautiful then that and because of that this Mama is not wearing mascara today.

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