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Monday, June 15, 2009

Its That Age

I can't imagine what the world is like to a two year old. You have limited vocabulary, you know what you want and often you can't voice what you want, and it is hard dealing with emotions when you're frustrated, sad, scared, etc., I don't remember what it was like being two. My Mom says I was a kid that was full of gusto at a very young age. I can only relate to that age by observing my son. He is a loving, adorable, little man who is full of gusto. He is either on or off with no middle in between. He is learning vocabulary everyday, but does not speak very much. Plus right now we are dealing with a stage very common amongst two year olds where he sometimes bites and hits.

Dealing with biting and hitting is quite hard, especially when your child lashes out to another kid. It isn't that he is being mean or vicious. I know my child loves to be around other children and observe them. He just can't quite communicate properly on wanting a specific toy another child may be playing with and the frustrations that come out with that from time to time. He does not bite or hit every time he is frustrated, angry or confused either so its hard knowing exactly when he will bite or hit.

I have (like most caring parents) read countless articles on the subject of biting and hitting to help curtail this behavior. I have found that consistency on punishments such as time out, talking to your child and having your child in some form say they are sorry is key. Obviously a two year old does not learn the do's and don'ts the first time he/she is told. What child does? Consistency is key with this and this is what we as parents are trying to do. It isn't less mortifying though when my son will do things to hurt another child unintentionally. What I am glad after reading so many articles and watching different parenting movies, is that parents that don't have toddlers that bite or hit should consider themselves lucky. It is a very common problem with this age group.

So we are working on it is what I am trying to say. It is hard. It is embarrassing. It is a new learning process we are going through. Patience is key. Consistency is key. Understanding is key. Every toddler has their own behavior thing rather it is biting/hitting, being standoffish, temper tantrums, and other various outbursts. My thought is temper tantrums although loud and embarrassing is nothing to the hitting/biting phase. I'd take temper tantrums any day over biting/hitting.

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Anna said...

Way to hit it on the head, Diana. It is TOTALLY about frustration and not about your kid being mean or vicious. You're doing great, just hang in there, and this too shall pass!