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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Toddlers, Twice the Fun and Double Tired

Today my sister flew out out on a couples vacation to Chicago with her husband. My parents were to babysit my little nephew who is just a few weeks older then my son. Because the day care was close to my work and because my Mom had to go to a doctors appointment with my Dad, it was up to me to hang out with both my nephew and son for a little while this afternoon. It was fun, a great bonding experience for all of us and I think I am ready to collapse (in a good way of course).

My nephew is a timid little guy. He's a very reserved child that is the type to look before he leaps. My son is the complete opposite. He is a little ball of energy with a lot of excited love behind his hugs/kisses. I wondered as I walked through the day care doors to pick up my nephew what his reaction would be. He obviously knows who I am, but would he be upset his Mommy wasn't there? Once he saw me, he was a little confused. His little eyebrows raised in curiosity, but was okay about it. After all, he got to escape to the outside world, wave goodbye to his friends and hear what a great time he was going to have that afternoon. It certainly is different having a little one on the commute home. He was just a chatter box talking away about this and that (I had no idea what he was talking about) and I found out he loved the Roadrunner as he would mimic every "meep, meep" with a "beep, beep".

Next we picked up my son whose day care is very close to my home. My son had the same curious look my nephew did of "what is going on" once he saw my nephew and I walk into his room. It was cute though. Both boys eyeballed each other as I placed them in their car seats and made the two second commute home. My husband was home early that day. I think he just wanted to see the two boys play really and helped unload the car of babies with me. The boys ran straight away to the family room with all the toys. My son jumped on his new prize toy (his wooden ride on) and my nephew eyeballed a vacuum that I failed to put away the night before. I know he really loves cleaning items like brooms, mops, etc., but I don't think his Mom intended for him to clean my house during his stay, so I refocused him to a different toy. The boys had so much fun playing together. They rode the ride on toys, played with blocks, danced to music, ate snack, etc., After a while it was time to go see his Grandparents, and together we all made the journey to my parents house (another two minute commute) to eat a pizza dinner.

Now you wouldn't think that my nephew had a fabulous time with me, which he did. His Grandma came into the picture and it was like "forget you Auntie". Thats cool. I can deal with that. Grandma is pretty cool afterall. We ate dinner and I cut up both boys pizza and got them drinks. It was only until after dinner I got the awesome acknowledgment that my nephew and I bonded. My nephew took my hand and wanted me to go see a toy he wanted in another room. Doesn't sound big, but this is big. His Grandma was two feet away. I was chosen over the "chosen one". My Mom and I both looked at each other in bewilderment as I walked away with my nephew pulling my hand.

It was a fantastic day. It was wonderful that my son and nephew got a chance to just hang out at a non-party atmosphere. It gave them a chance to just be and I think they did better because of it. My nephew and I also bonded which was really heart warming. I am glad that he loves and trust his Aunt. I want him to know that I love him and want the best for him. Two two year olds really are twice the fun and also have that amazing ability to just WEAR you out, but I hope that there will be many more days/evenings like this because really it made my day.

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