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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cool Site ~ Esty

I stumbled a few months ago when looking for a certain coat for my son on a website called Etsy. This website allows you to buy or sell all things handmade. I love the uniqueness of this website as it has so many new and interesting things to look at, view and get ideas from that you can't find in usual retail stores. Whats not to like at looking at a craft sale online?

I ended up buying a coat from this website. It wasn't handmade, but it was a vintage coat which dated back to the era of my Dad's childhood. It was a beautiful, sky blue coat with brass buttons resembling the famous coat JFK Jr. wore when he saluted his Dad as his casket processed to the White House. The coat was something different, something new (at least to us) and you can't help but think what little boy or boys wore it at one time and the history behind that.

So take a gander. It is well worth the search. Who knows? You might find something for yourself!

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