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Monday, June 8, 2009 thing EVER

This weekend, my parents set up a sandbox in their backyard for their grandchildren. They only have two and both have finally reached the age to start enjoying it and man did they enjoy it.

I am glad my parents went with the sandbox that you could sit in it with the tiny benches that were on each corner. When growing up, my Grandma had a type of sandbox that resembled a trough where you stand over it and play with the sand. Maybe it was because a snake lived in the tree next to it, but to me it wasn't enjoyable as the sandbox that I could sit in at home. When my parents decided that they would add a sandbox next to their swing set, my Dad first thought was to build one, as he built the sandbox I played in as a child. However, after seeing a few sandbox kits and telling my parents about it, they went with the easier option of buying a kit from Costco. It really is a beautiful sandbox made of ceder (that will help with the bugs) and had little benches on all four corners. It took some time getting the sandbox put in the correct location and low enough (since it didn't have a bottom) so the sand didn't spill out, but it was accomplished with curious two year olds looking on probably wondering WHAT their parents and Nagypapa and Nagymama were up to now.

At first both boys (my nephew and son) who are in the verge of turning two, both were a little unsure of this sand stuff. We took the shoes off the boys, so their little bare piggies could feel the sand and to save the parents some hassle of getting sand out of their shoes later on. As they felt the sand on their little piggies with little tushes sitting safely off the sand on the sandbox benches they started to get into it. Shovels, sifters, buckets and bulldozers minutes later were being explored with excitement and smiles. They were having a blast!

I watched my son and nephew with bitter sweet amazement. I remember when I enjoyed making cities, creating "soups" and playing with my friends in my sandbox. I had such a great time in my sandbox and I am glad that they both now can enjoy something that I once did. I wonder what their little imaginations will come up with in the future? I am sure their little imaginations will be hard at work. Sandboxes are the best thing ever : )

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