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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What To Do?

I think the world of my son. He is the light of my life, the beat in my heart, my everything. He has the most beautiful smile, the cutest laugh and has the most adorable shining eyes that lights up every time he figures out a new thing (good and bad). I have already posted this once, but I will post it again...I don't know what to do. My kid hits, bites and pulls hair.

Literally this Mama has poured through countless articles on what to do. Some say bite or hit right back. I think the idea is stupid. Sorry if you don't agree with me, but its stupid. In my opinion it just reinforces the idea of hitting/biting but only if you are bigger then someone. Other articles talk about time outs, taking away toys, etc., I am game for that and have done that consistently. I look for behavioral signs if my son is tired, hungry, over stimulated, etc., It doesn't matter. He will do what he does (as embarrassing as it is for me) any time of the day or night. I also read where toddlers will learn quickly (which in my house its apparently not happening)while other toddlers will take their time and stop doing it after six months. Six months! REALLY? Please God no.

It sucks because you feel guilty for it happening in the first place. You feel bad for the other kids. You feel bad for the parents of the "victims". I have some parents where they understand. It sucks but they understand its the age (thank God). I have other parents where they kind of freak out on me. Its not like I want my kid to do "XYZ" to their kid and I am doing the best I can. Its not like I am encouraging the behavior by saying, "Go honey GO!" I find the parents freaking out me part just stresses me out ten fold along with the embarrassment/stress of my son's action(s).

My kid is head strong and I adore that about him. I doubt in life he'll be pushed around very much. However this biting/hitting/pulling hair issue I think is my biggest parenting challenge yet. Forget late nights/early morning, sleep deprivation, endless amounts of poop diapers, temper tantrums, never having a clean shirt on because something will be wiped or spilled on it because that has NOTHING on this challenge. I know in time this will be a distant memory. My son will learn that this negative behavior isn't cutting it. Until then, be patient. Don't yell at me and don't judge me because seriously I am doing the best I freaking can.

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