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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

NBC White House Special

I am one of those people that love it when television crews pokes inside a place or home to see the day in the lives of people, especially famous people. I loved watching Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work, a PBS special. It gave an inside glimpse of the British royal family in what they do, what their schedules were and painted a picture of them broader then the few glimpses you see of them on the news. I believe one of my favorite scenes was of the Queen in a formal dress looking down a stairway balcony like a school girl anticipating an event. It just shows how normal they really are. I got this same feeling when I watched last night's NBC White House Special.

I am not a huge Obama fan. I don't agree with many of his policies, but I respect the leadership position and the role that he plays. I respect that he values his family and that even though he is the leader of the free world, he will admittedly say without shame or false pride that his wife makes sure he has his head on straight. Last night I was able to see a glimpse of the White House at work as well as a day in the life of being the President and I found it fascinating.

Would I ever want to work in the White House? No. It doesn't matter what type of administration is in it. Their schedules and demands are much greater then I would ever want to take on. I am glad that someone is doing it though. What I liked about last night's episode, much like the Monarchy: The Royal Family At Work special, it showed the President and his staff as seemingly ordinary people.

One of my favorite scenes of last night's special was a moment in which Obama went to Five Guys to order lunch for his staff. As The President stepped out of his unmarked limosine, patrons eating outside were surprised, shocked and baffled that The President walked up behind them and said "hello". Could you imagine? Once inside Five Guys, the staff and other visiting patrons inside were also shocked and stunned by the President's arrival. You could hear the excitment, feel the anticipation and wonder of everyday people getting to shake hands with The President in a very uncommon presidential atmosphere. Obama even remembered to take Brian Williams order (a cheesburger with just ketchup). Could I see my past boss's (with one exception) doing that? Heck no. I had many boss's that let their title get to their head.

I believe tonight and tomorrow the White House Special will continue with more clips and scenes of The President's everyday life and I'll be tuning in to watch.

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