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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Belated Father's Day

On Friday and over the weekend, I was so busy with work, family, home stuff, etc., I didn't have a chance to post and wish all the Father's out there a Happy Father's Day!

As you have read many times before on here, I think my husband is wonderful. He really cares and loves his family and friends. He does so much for me without complaint or question. If a family member or friend need his help, he is there to help out in any way he can. He's just that type of guy. He also is an amazing Dada.

Dada is what my son calls him. He is two and says "Dada" with such gusto and oomph that you would think every time he says it is more of a statement then a name. My son and my husband have a special relationship. When thinking of their relationship, I can't help but have flashbacks of the time I asked my husband about having kids, the first time he heard the heartbeat when my son was in my belly, the moment we found out we were having a boy and the moment my husband laid eyes on my son right after his birth with tears in his eyes. If you know my husband, nothing phases him. He is as strong as they come. For tears to come to his eyes, there are some powerful emotions going around inside him. The two pal around together in such a way that I can see through my son my husband's childish nature. My son brings the boy out in my husband. Watching that emerge is so special and wonderful. They pal around having such a good time playing hockey with each other, watching hockey games snuggled up on the couch, playing on playgrounds, etc., I love hearing my husband read books to my son because he is typically calm and even keel, but when reading a book, new character voices comes out making my son smile up at my husband with such love and adoration only a child could give.

My husband is a Dada. A true Dada. A Dada that loves, adores and plays an active role in his child's life. He sacrifices for his son, gives endlessly to his son and always always makes time for him. Being a Dada is hard work as most of us know parenting is one of the hardest things you could ever do. I am just blessed beyond comprehension that God gave me the most wonderful husband and Dada to my son. Happy Father's Day sweetheart.

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