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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Want...No Need A Vacation!

A few weeks back my wonderful husband surprised me with a trip to Sesame Place. It was a fantastic trip for the family and we had such a wonderful time. My only wish was that I wish it was just a bit longer.

I think I am having one of those summer itches of just wanting to get away. I want to get out of town with my family and be somewhere other then the week to week mundane work stuff and that looming feeling of guilt that I need to clean this or that in the household. To get away for me means quality time with my family, peace and relaxation.

Thankfully after a talk today with my girlfriends (the planners) and I started thinking about a trip to OBX. We went last year and I honest to god believe this is the best vacation spot to travel to that is close enough, far enough and relaxing enough with a toddler and with a great group of friends in tow. With a toddler (like it or not) you have to consider a lot of things like what is age appropriate, schedules, food, and perhaps some peaceful time once your toddler is asleep and this vacation was perfect for it.

We rented a six bedroom house with a pool that was in walking distance to the beach. Each night a couple or friend was assigned to make dinner, but lunches and breakfast were on you to do for yourself. It was so easy to wake up, walk to the beach and once nap time hit you just go back and have some quiet time. Night life wasn't about clubs and going out really. Its not something that is me anyways. It was fantastic knowing the kids were fine in their designated rooms while we played Tripoly, a rendition of the Newly Wed game (which was the most hilarious thing ever) and just enjoyed actual adult conversations. In all I think the trip for us for a week including food and stay cost under $500. Where in the world can you stay for a week where it costs that little?

So the plans are coming together. We have some interested parties. I just know in just a few months I will be relaxing on the beach with some fantastic friends and my wonderful family. I Just wish that it would be tomorrow, because this woman/Mama/Wife/friend NEEDS a vacation!

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