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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary Babe!

Today marks my three year wedding anniversary with my husband. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. Sometimes it seems that we have been married forever and other times it seems that only yesterday we were just starting to date with the memories of those times being so fresh in my mind. But here we are, celebrating the "leather anniversary".

I have to say (as most people would hopefully say about their own), that my wedding day was one of the best days of my life. I remember looking at my husband as I walked down the aisle with my Dad. I knew that I would be scared that so many people were going to be looking at me, that I decided beforehand that I would keep my eyes fixed on my husbands. However, it didn't matter what I planned out beforehand regardless if I wanted to keep my eyes on him or not, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him anyways. He looked so handsome dressed in his tux, with his shining green eyes and cute boyish grin staring back at me. As my Dad handed me off, he took my hand so gently as if it was a metaphor of guiding me into my new life with married life with him. I remember laughing to myself when I said, "I take you Eugene..." because before that day I had never in my life called him Eugene. I still don't consider him "Eugene" but either call him his given Russian name or his American nickname he came up with years before I had met him. As the wedding proceeded, I could feel the clamy hands holding onto his for dear life. I had to remind myself to not lean over to kiss him because well that was for the end of the ceremony. During one part of the ceremony, we had to drink wine from a single cup. I told him beforehand (as I detest the taste of any wine) that he better nearly finish 99% of it up in his three sip turn. Did he? No! He left me practically half a cup, which I with all my might had to swallow in the symbolic three sips while trying my best not to make a disgusted face. I was the bride after all. I didn't want to have a grossed out look on my face. Needless to say many witnesses will tell you that my face was memorable because if there was a doubt before, there was no doubt then that I detested wine. After the ceremony was over. I think I finally breathed. I didn't spill any wine on my beautiful dress. I didn't mess up any of my lines or any of the multiple things I had to do. My husband and I made it...and we did it together.

Our reception was beautiful. So many friends and families members were able to make it. We dined on some delicious food even though I don't think I ate that much that day. When it was time for my husband and I to dance to "Love Will Keep Us Alive", my husband tenderly took me into his arms with the most adoring and loving expression that I have only seen once since then, which was the moment my husband laid eyes on our son after he was born. After our dance ended, I danced with my Dad to "Butterfly Kisses". I didn't cry with my husband, but cried with my Dad. I knew it was an end to one phase of my life with my parents and I knew for him it was bitter sweet. He cried too a bit, but handed me his handkerchief first like any loving Father would. After that, together my husband I literally danced the night away to every single dance. We didn't stop until out reception ended. On our way outside, we found that our car was decorated to the nines with window paint, streamers, and flags galore. I think we had to kick out a few balloons just so we could get in. When we finally made it back to our apartment, we did the traditional "carry the new wife through the threshold thing". That part was romantic, but then I got back to my regular every day self saying "take this dress off of me! I have to pee!" My husband carefully helped me out smiling away and stayed the complete gentleman as his wife ran down the hall half naked with a corset tied tightly around my torso to the bathroom.

Three years have gone by. We have been through so much. We moved out of our rental apartment and bought a townhome. My husband's parents got divorced and my beautiful mother in law has had two boyfriends since then. Go her! We made friends and lost friends. We've seen my Mom go through a horrible sickness and taken care of her after her multiple heart surgeries. We actually got real furniture in our house now. And above all, we have the most beautiful, energetic toddler that has graced us in this world and has taught my husband and I more about ourselves, about teamwork and about our marriage.

Happy Anniversary Babe. You are amazing!

Note: The picture for this post was my actual wedding cake topper.

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