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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Being A Slave to the Clock

Summer is here and even though summers are though to be a relaxing time of year, I realized that I am a slave to the clock. How can I help myself? There is work during the weekdays, nap times to consider, parties to attend. I need to know what time it is! I wish there was some weeks or even a day when I didn’t have to care.

I always look at the clock. Usually it at that 6:30-7:00 am time where I know I am going to be late for work…again. My son is usually awake at this time, which means Mommy will be bringing him to day care, settling him into the classroom so he does not freak out when I leave and then running out the door to commute to work. The work hours tick by ever so slowly even when I have things to do. I think about how my husband is doing and what my little boy should be doing at that exact time. Its 10:00 the little man should be eating snack and heading outside soon. 11:30 it is time for lunch and then more play after that. 12:30 the kids should start settling down for their nap. 2:30 my little man should be waking up and eating snack soon. 3:00 I run out the door to commute the thirty minutes to day care where I get to see my son’s smiling face and little outstretched arms running towards me, which is the highlight of my day. 4:00 we have snack time and around 5:00 my son starts asking about his Dada. Dada won’t be home for at least another half an hour sweetie.

Weekends are thankfully much less about time keeping as I know nap times will happen some time in the afternoon. I know lunch will be anywhere from 12 to 1 o’clock. Snack time usually is reminded by a little voice saying “more” followed by sign language. Throw in birthday parties, reunions, and any other type of event you have on the weekends, this Mama is certainly a slave to the clock even during down time.

I wish I didn’t have to worry about time. I wish I could let the day flow. I am not one of those Moms (at least I don’t think so) that is overly regimental about schedules. I just wish some days we could put the clock away. This can only happen if I put the clocks away, which is a daunting task I really don’t want to do. Sigh. I need a vacation.

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