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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dandelions…what fun and what a mess!

So anyone that read my post about the HOA giving us a friendly reminder, you know that our yard has weeds. Now I may be able to give you some insight on why we have so many weeds or perhaps why our neighbors might curse us. Perhaps it is the new love my son has for dandelions.

When I was a kid to find a perfect dandelion without any of the white seeds blown away was a real treat. We used to say if you could blow all the seeds off in one breath then you could make a wish! Aren’t the simple things in life grand? So when seeing the first dandelion in my yard one day after picking my son up from school, I just had to share a childhood experience with my son, blowing dandelions! With dress pants and work shoes still on, I sat down with my son on the stoop while I showed him how to blow dandelions. Did he blow all the seedlings off? No. Like a typical boy he first watched me and then had a better idea. Why not whack the poor dandelion to death against something until all the white, fluffy seeds come off? Sure! Why not?

So each day we were typically greeted by a new flower. I meant to pull them up, I really did. However each time I would pass a new dandelion on my way out the door, I stopped myself from pulling it up. Why? Because I as any Mother, I am addicted to watching my child discover new things and if those new things makes my little one smile and/or laugh with content its even that much more special. The only draw back to that though, is my motherly contentment got me a nasty gram from the HOA.

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