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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk...Love It!

As a kid I loved me some sidewalk chalk. I got more into it when I moved up to Virginia as I guess it was not a North Carolina thing because before moving to Virginia I can’t really remember using chalk other then when I was in school or visited my Grandparents house (they had an awesome chalkboard in their upstairs hallway). I remember after getting a huge bucket of it and drawing on my parents driveway with several of my girlfriends and my Dad being a bit flustered about the amount of “artwork” he came home to after a long work day. My Mom eased his mind with, “its just chalk and once it rains it will go away.” I am glad my Mom was so lax on the sidewalk chalk issue, but I can’t half blame my Dad as we would write things like “Elvis Lives” so large that passengers in passing planes could probably read it from the air and outlining ourselves on the driveway looked like a murder had happened the day before. Perhaps some neighbors walking by may have had questioned what had happened, but outlined bodies, with pink hair do’s and yellow, blue and green outfits probably eased any suspicion.

Not too long ago, while attending a party, part of the activity that day was to play with some side walk chalk. I was certainly down. I did not write “Elvis Lives” or outline any of my adult friends or their children, as my son was much busier with a play lawn mower he found in the garage and didn’t take the time to play with it. However, my husband had his first (I believe it was his first) experience with sidewalk chalk. He wrote names of people in Russian and I think he rather enjoyed his new experience.

I am sure in the years to come the sidewalk master pieces in front of our house will be quite colorful on some days with the artwork from my little man, perhaps his little friends and maybe (just maybe) a Mommy and Daddy participant as well.

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