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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Job Worries

I am one of those people that love the hunker down and just stay at a job. I don't really call it loyalty. I call it feeling comfortable on where I am at. As long as they treat me okay and pay me good, then I'm yours for life...or until a better offer falls into my lap. Then with the economy the way it is and the day to day questions on if a business will go under or you may lose your job, it makes me want to hunker in just a little bit deeper.

Some days I don't know where my job is going. There was a bid on my contract, then a protest and right not it is seemingly in limbo and has been in limbo. I really love what I do. No one bothers me, my boss is amazing and I come and go when I need to. The pay is also amazing and when I moved to this job it was a 55% increase to my pay. So I have a love/love relationship with this position despite the rockiness of it all. I just honestly pray that things work out here, that I'll get to do what I want to do for just a while more until I can pay off some more debt and secure my family's finances.

I just wonder sometimes if I am doing the right thing. I know I'll have a job secured for a few months if the contract goes down the tubes. However, I just don't want to jump to a new place before anything is said with a new boss that may or may not be cool with my constant in and out calls to Mommy hood. Would the hours suck? Would the commute suck? Am I being a pansy by staying here and just waiting it out or am I doing right? I suppose only time will tell. For now I'm just worried like millions of other Americans.

Pray for us all.

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